Saturday, June 21, 2008

Look what I found in my Dorito bag!

Have you ever heard of a pog?

I never really got into them as a kid, but when I found one in my Dorito bag, I fell in love with the cute, blue dinosaur on the front. I wanted to make him into a necklace, so here's what I did:

1. Using my crop-o-dile, I punched a small hole near the top of the pog. It was a bit off-center, but I liked it that way. That way my dino's head could still be completely whole. :o)

2. I pressed the entire pog (dino-side-down) into Versa-Mark ink.

3. I covered the "Versa-Marked" side of the pog with UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel).

4. With the heat setting on low, I used my heat gun to melt the UTEE.

But wait! I noticed that the pog was kind of curling on the sides to give a convex look to the dino. No matter! I just pushed it down with a pin and kept on embossing.

5. I repeated steps 3 & 4.

Again, the pog curls. Again, I push down. This time with less luck.

6. I repeated step 5. (ha ha!)

I give in! Let the pog curl. Hey... actually I like this effect. Yay for happy accidents!

7. I let it cool and I let the UTEE set. Then I added two jump rings at the top.

8. I strung it on a leather cord and rocked it!