Friday, May 23, 2008

Tutorial: Yarn-Yos

How to Make a Yarn-Yo (Yarn Yo-Yo)

I have no idea if anyone else does this, but I discovered the idea while I was making pom-poms for my crocheted scarf. Here we go. Let's make a yarn-yo!
Materials: yarn, scissors, needle, thread to match yarn, button or bead, pin backing.

Step one: Hold the end of the yarn between your index and middle fingers
then slightly separate them as you start to wrap the yarn around your fingers.
Maintain at least a small space between your fingers, because you will need it later.

After you've amassed a pretty good amount of yarn, go ahead and trim the end,
leaving at least a 6-inch tail.

With about an 8" piece of the same yarn, loop that under the loops,

between your fingers,

then secure the center of the loops with a granny knot.
You can carefully slide the yarn off your fingers

to make a really secure knot.Spread out the edges of your yo-yo to create a full pattern.

Then take the ends of the yarn through your thread and make a few stitches to secure the middle of the yo-yo. You'll need to do that thing where you make a loop stitch and then pull the needle through it to create a knot.

Using matching thread, sew your button or bead
into the middle of your yarn-yo (if you want).
For a wearable creation, sew a pin on the back.

Other uses for yarn-yos:
  1. Sew three onto a scrap of fabric and sew that onto a barrette for a fun hair accessory.
  2. Use them to embellish a hat or sweater.
  3. Put thin ones onto your scrapbook pages.
  4. Add them to the straps of your sweet fabric handbag.
  5. Sew fabric onto the back, and superglue a magnet to it.
  6. Make minis for drop earrings.
Any more ideas for yarn-yos?