Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Ravelrous Creations

Have you heard of Ravelry? You can tell by the smile on my face that I have! :o)

Ravelry is a social networking site for fiber artists, focusing specifically on knitting and crocheting. The site is AWESOME, perhaps the best social networking site I've ever been to, because it's focused around this specific interest.

It's in its beta phase now, so the "powers that be" are keeping the membership small and manageable. I believe that the ultimate goal is to open the site publicly, but they're taking their time with that.

In order to gain access to this amazing fibrous world, you need to go to the Ravelry website, and request an invitation. I put in my request, and I think I was lucky, because about four weeks later, I received an invitation to join. That made me think that I'd better start to crochet! :o)

Since then, I've been listening to fiber podcasts like SSK, Unwound, and CraftBorg. I have to tell ya, knitting is the shit and crochet is da bomb, y'all!

So here are picks of my ravelrous creations. I've been posting on Ravelry, so I kinda feel like I've been neglecting my own blog!

Chunky Scarf (as seen above) a la Craftivity.

Coffee sleeve (with the word "cafe" topstiched across it)

My fabulous mom with her fabulous coffee sleeve (My sister got one, too.)

<3 - shaped keychain.