Saturday, February 9, 2008

My poem is on that van!

Dear Cami
many thanks for your collab
I hope we keep in touch
ill keep you posted with the vans progress
all the best


I'm takin' you back, people, back before The Blog to a more innocent time. A time when artists roved around in 1989 conversion vans bartering to get by. All in the name of art. The year was 2006, and the month was July. I met Carolina Caycedo in a little hometown artist loft/living space/gallery called the The Contemporary Artists Center in North Adams, MA.

Carolina's project was amazing. She and her family decided to sell all of their stuff and roam the country in a tricked-out 1989 conversion van. The van was a mobile artist center with video, paintings, journals, and crafts. Wherever they stopped, they bartered to live. Yes, they survived without any money. They would exchange things like childcare, artwork, songs, and their stuff for things like food, showers, clothes, and other stuff. The exhibit was featured in the Whitney Museum's Biennial 2006.

I had been taking a poetry class at "the college that shall not be named" and I was really into syllabic verse. I'd been taking my cues from the odometer on my car. I submitted a poem to her, for use on her van. The poem traveled all the way to San Juan, PR!

Mile 32764

deep meditation rolling
softly on back
mountain road

in motion:
floating as if suspended
caught in dance by my brights
midnight blue - white

blissed out...
'cause Jill Scott knows her music
and this moment is real
and I am here.