Monday, December 3, 2007


My friend Eric told me that once you relegate "art" to "craft," you can't charge as much for it. Figuratively, and literally, a piece loses value, regardless of the skill needed to create the work. So, I'm trying out the whole calling it "art" thing. I am wondering if I have the right to grant my own work such stature. I am not sure if I'm comfortable with it, but it's fun to think about.

I'm not sure if my reluctance to call my work art is due to the tools/media I use, or if it's because of how I got started, maybe the fact that I never went to art school (or even took an art class outside of the general curriculum); I'm not that good at drawing... I could go on. I'm not sure why I'm so ambivalent, but all of this thinking has got me thinking. Is there a mid-ground between art and craft? Some kind of hybrid state where all of the elegance of art meets the commonness of craft?

For my wicked babes out there doin' it on the daily, I've got some new names for you to try on. Eschew the label of "crafter" and give these tones a try: Craftist, Craftista, Craftion, Craftala, Craftelle, Craftess, and even Crafthead. What the hell? Art? Craft? It's all fun anyway.