Friday, May 6, 2005


How could you be bored with the whole internet right in front of you?  I think I use the internet much more than I'd like to admit, but if you want to see what is interesting to me (besides what actually makes the blog), then check out my other homes on the web.

Tumblr - I love Tumblr!  It's technically another blog, but I use it to harness crafty inspiration that I just don't want to blog about.  It's super-quick and easy to upload pictures there, so it's like an online inspiration book for me. *LOVE*
Twitter - I, like almost every other twitterer, use the site to connect with others and spout off about whatever is in my head.  It's interesting (to me) (most of the time). Occasionally I tweet my lesson planning, as in my real life I am a 7th-grade teacher.  I mainly do this to document my ideas at the moment.  I re-tweet whatever random crafty news or celebrity gossip catches my eye.  I LOVE pop culture!!  I also send off some great links to tutorials every now and then.

Delicious - Every single link that I like I bookmark here.  I have been amassing crafty ideas for quite a while now and I am getting a bit overwhelmed by what I have there.  I will be going through to harness the best of the best and organize them all for you, but if you want to get lost in a sea of craft, really, really gooood craft, then check out my Delicious page.

Ravelry -  This is the site where I post many of my crochet and knit projects.  I organize much of my yarn stash there, and I have a queue where I can list off the projects I'd like to start.  I am often in the forums of my favorite yarns, magazines, regions, and podcasts.  You will always see me on Ravelry trying to start a stitch group that no one wants to join.  :(  To enter Ravelry, you have to join with a free login.

Pinterest -  It's like my Tumblr 2, but I can tell it's going to quickly take over that little endeavor.  Pinterest is a new site where you can "pin" your web inspirations to an electronic bulletin board. It's visually-driven, and interacts with Twitter.  I love it!  It's easy to use and it's kinda perfect for me.  Squee!

Lip Gloss Teen Magazine Beta - Lip Gloss was started by a college friend of mine as a positive influence for young women.  My friend was on MySpace a lot and didn't like what she saw.  She created this online magazine to represent strong, powerful, diverse girls and it has taken off.  The idea is to do your own thing and to own it!  Recently she and her team launched Lip Gloss Teen Magazine Beta, which is an online community.  I can't think of a better place for any teen girl to hang out online.  I started my profile there, and I hope to blog there- not only about crafts, but also to reflect on my life, personal, cultural, and political beliefs.  As a teacher, I might have a lot to say. 

Flickr - I am so blaze about my flickr page.  I put nothing up there but pictures for Ravelry.  Not everything makes it to my Ravelry page, but if you want more detailed shots of my projects or yarn, you'll see them there.

My Sewing Circle - This is billed as "the Ravelry for Sewing", so I started a profile to try to organize my stash and notions.  At first it seemed a bit buggy, but I think it might still be sorting itself out.  I'm going to stick with it...eventually.  I don't have a very strong presence there right now, but who knows?

If you're still bored, watch TV, free, anywhere you can get internet!   Yay, Cucirca!

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