12 #Free Warm Weather #Crochet Patterns

April's here and it's time to say hello to warmer weather!  Some crafters put their crochet and knitting down for the summer, but that is not necessary!  I think it's time to do some spring cleaning, so I'm taking stock of my stash, and revisiting my queue.  Spring is great for working on smaller projects in thinner and cooler yarns.

I have a lot of ideas for springtime blog posts, but we'll see what I have time for!  Life has gotten super busy all of the sudden.  Today I'm just going to look at my Ravelry queue and show you my top twelve freebies to stitch this summer.

Owls Two Ways (crochet) by Ana Clerc

Super Simple Bows on Things to Make and Do
Ten more...

Flea Market Bag by Linda Permann

Matrioska bookmark by Bigú Osuna

Masa Bag by Lisa Risager

Robot Bib on Lion Brand

Crocheted Basket - Quick Mini Version on Oh The Cuteness
Spa Slippers by Bernat

Berry Sweet Clutch by Drew Emborsky

Persimmon Pullover by Doris Chan
Mei-Mei Crochet Jacket by Doris Chan

Amigurumi Teacup Pincushion on Lion Brand


Janne said...

Cami, I love your blog, and I spotted the cute bag you made for me.
I have four blogs, but the knitting one is

sheepkins said...

I love love love the owls bows and bookmarks!!

Day - NyLA Love said...

Good luck with the slippers.. on my 1st attempt.. one came out bigger than the other... :(

Cami said...

Hey, everyone! Thanks so much for the comments. Sorry I haven't been so active lately. Janne, thank you for visiting me here! Yes, I made that bag from this pattern, of course. Thanks for blogging about the swap. :) Sheepkins, I know! Those projects are awesome! Day-NyLA Love- Thanks. I have started them but I've only gotten to the part with the plastic canvas. I need to pick them up again. :)

Danielle said...

Love love love the flea market bag, where's the pattern???

Danielle said...

Love love love the flea market bag!!! Where's the pattern?

Gorgeous work!