My first responsibility is to my readers.

I started this blog in 2007 simply as a way to share my craft projects, ideas, and inspiration.  Over the years, the blog has grown into something more:  a space for community-building and conversation.  Through my participation in online and real-life crafting communities, and also through my extensive personal and work-related networks, I have grown a loyal, specialized cohort people who admire a handmade or artistic aesthetic, and of course, both serious and casual crafters.

I am happy to provide honest, reliable book and product reviews for them.  Get me excited about a product and I won't shut up about it!  If I don't like it, I simply won't review it.  It is important to me that my blog is a place where I can be positive and send positivity into the world. 

Crochet, collage, crafts, yarn, coffee, tea, scrapbooking, paper, stationery, rubber stamping, fabric, sewing, tools, DIY, food, cooking, fashion, accessories, gifts, children, and anything fun/useful for my readers!  (Check out my labels at the bottom of the blog for very specific information on what I've written.)

If you have a product to share, please contact Cami at artlikebread(at)  I excitedly check this account to see what's out there!  My readers love giveaways, and I love to provide them, so if you have a new product to share, I'm ready to pass that on to my amazing network of wonderful readers!

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