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 Crochet Techniques I Couldn't Live Without &  
Fabulous Tutorials for Beginners and Beyond

First Things First

Rachel Choi of Crochet Spot does an amazing job of virtually teaching crochet.  I'm linking to her basic "How to Crochet" post here, but she has tons of others, and free patterns, too!  Be sure to check her out.   

New Stitches, Too

Ambassador Crochet does a regular feature with good photo tutorials about different stitches.  Enjoy what she has to offer here

OlgaMog38's Bullion Stitch Tutorial (fresh technique for a challenging stitch)

Knots Me Knot Double Chain (for crocheting on both sides of a chain)

 This photo and tutorial belong to Erika of Knots Me, Knots Me Not.

Erika of Knots Me Knots Me Not did this great instructable on Double Chaining and since then, I use this for anything crocheted on both sides.  The final product lies much flatter and looks better.

Invisible Yarn Join

Jane Richmond shows a pretty close to invisible knot  that leaves NO ends to weave in! (via sneezerville/luvinthemommyhood)

Round and Round
Attic 24 did a wonderful tutorial on how to crochet a flat circle.