Tuesday, October 25, 2011

#Christmas Crafting! 20 Free, Masculine #Crochet Pattern Links

We all know that gender expression is a pretty relative thing, and nothing really could be defined as "for a man or a woman" (except this), right?  Well, that's what I think, anyway.  Even so, I personally have at least two men on my perpetual Christmas list that have a traditionally masculine style. 

Each hand-crocheted gift is an individual creation, from the moment you pick the pattern and yarn, until the finished item is gifted.  So, use the list below to choose projects for those people who can rock a masculine style.

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color, creativity, and sharing ideas/inspiration, 
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Ooo, cool!  The Brain Waves Beanie pattern comes 
in child & adult sizes at Playin' Hooky.
Link over to "Playin' Hooky Designs" for the free pattern.
 This earflap hat can be made in any color.
The design team at Lion Brand never fails.
Earflap Hat by Lion Brand. Click through to find pattern.
This guy's sly smile tells us one thing.
He loves this hat!
Streetwise Brim Hat by Sharon Mann for Red Heart. Click for free pattern.
A guy would totally wear this and it's totally in style right now.
Brimming with Fun Cap by Sharon Mann for Red Heart. Click for free pattern.

Ooo. Now this is an interesting one.  I could see the boys in my class loving this one.
The Convertible free crochet pattern on Crochet Uncut.  Click to link!
The basketweave scarf is a classic. It's easy and adds texture.
I am all about this scarf in a bulky, non-fuzzy yarn.
Alternating Windowpanes Scarf Click for free pattern on Crochet Me.
For the interesting, pensive types, try Dave 2.0 by Vickie Howell.
Click for free pattern on Crochet Me.
I've made a Flexi Cowl and they RULE!  
It's an easy pattern with many possibilities.
Flexi Cowl by Alicia Ramirez of hookandneedles.com
Babies would love these!
Free pattern at Coats and Clark. Click to link over.
Yeah. Sock monkeys know no gender. No age, either.
Seriously- How adorable is this?
Free pattern by Linda Cyr for Red Heart.
 For the wee ones on your list- a cute turtle from Red Heart!
Turtle Pillow Pal by Nancy Anderson for Red Heart. Click for free pattern.
This would look great on any guy's couch.
Diagonal Pillow by Kathy Wigington for Red Heart. Click for free pattern.
This would be a fun way to practice your colorwork while making a sweet gift.
Two-Color Pillow by Candi Jensen for Red Heart. Free pattern link.
A music lover would love this, too!
Right Round by Rommyna de Leeuw for Tangled Online Magazine. Pattern Link.
Who doesn't want this cute rug in their home?
Whimsy Stripes Rug by Lion Brand. Click for Free Pattern.
Dishcloths or washcloths are quick, useful, and always appreciated.
Here's a cute one from Lion Brand.
Click here for the free pattern on LionBrand.com

Free burger pattern from Lion Brand. Yums!


CrochetBlogger said...

Great roundup post. Very useful at this time of year!!

Cami said...

Thank you, Kathryn!! That means a lot coming from The Crochet Blogger!! :)

Dvora said...

Thanks for sharing such a great collection. I think I need to size up the sock monkey hat to adult size... my head is crying out for one.

Cami said...

Hi, Dvora! Missing you! I'm glad you liked the collection. Yep, the sock monkey reminded me of you. Honestly, it couldn't be that hard to size it up, right? :)

Liz McQueen said...

Hey! I just found your post! Thank you for adding my Brain Waves Beanie pattern to this great collection! :)

Liz McQueen said...

Oh, and I forgot I had to change the link since you've posted this. Here's the right one - http://www.playinhookydesigns.blogspot.com/p/free-pattern.html

Cami said...

Liz, Thank you for stopping by! The post took off on Pinterest due in large part to your wonderful beanie! I hope that you got a lot of traffic and sales! Everyone should check out your store. Thanks for the link correction. I'll update. :)

A. Doll's Garden said...

Thanks so much for a great bunch of patterns. I downloaded 5 of them to my kindle and they are in my cue of work now. Great blog! I found you on pinterest.

Cami said...

Thank you, A Doll's Garden. I really liked these patterns, too. I am glad you've got them on your Kindle. I love storing patterns electronically. So convenient! I appreciate you stopping by the blog. Please feel free to come by anytime! I'd love to see you here more often!

Catalin said...
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