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Sunday, October 3, 2010

World Card-Making Day Results & Love My Tapes

Here is the result of my World Card-Making Day adventure!

What do you think?

I simply followed Christine's instructions and added a couple of paper flowers with snaps.  I have to say- I love the result!  These cards are just as easy and beautiful as Christine says.  By the way, I used my Westcott Non-Stick Titanium scissors, which I won at CHA Chicago to cut the washi tape.  They're perfect for this project!

I bought the washi tape at CHA Chicago as well, from LoveMyTapes.Com.  I was really happy to see them, because it was one of my goals to find some washi tape while in Chicago.  The guys at the booth couldn't have been nicer.  In addition to washi tape, they sold fabric tape, which Christine from Scraptime also reviewed on her podcast.  You should really check out her review.  It's got some great project ideas! 

Here are two project ideas for fabric tape, as displayed at the Love My Tapes booth.

Another interesting product they carried was this Fabric Paper.  This has great die cut machine possibilities!

Monday, September 27, 2010

CHA Chicago 2010: EK Success' Make & Take

Happy Monday!  Well, it looks like my coverage of CHA Chicago may continue forever!  I keep finding pictures of little things and remembering more posts that I want to make and projects I want to do.  The inspiration never ends.

Perhaps you have already noticed my enthusiasm for CHA, but let me sing its praises again: attending CHA's Craft Supershow Event was SO MUCH FUN!  There were soooo many Make & Takes it was seriously tough to pick a choose which ones to attend.  

designer unknown, on behalf of EK Success
 Mom and I loved the pretty, lacy edge on this card, so we stopped at the EK Success booth for this fun project.  The process was simple- just stamping the message, and attaching the pre-cut background paper to the card base.  We also used Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page Punches to make the lacy edge.  Then we embellished with stickers and added the message to the base with pop dots.  It's easier than it looks!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CHA Chicago 2010: Double Stitch, Marisa Pawelko, Westcott, & America's Next Top Crafter

The coolest thing about going to CHA this year was all of the unexpected surprises.  Mom and I felt like we were kids in a candy store! 

Before attending the two-day consumer event, we signed up for workshops each day.   It was not easy figuring out which ones to take, but after careful consideration, I selected Funky Junk with Marisa Pawelko, because it sounded very innovative and the picture looked cool.  :)  I knew I wanted to see Erika and Monika Simmons, the Double Stitch Twins again, so mom and I also signed up for their Remix It Crochet Class.

This is their commercial.  How cool are they?

Marisa, also known as The Modern Surrealist, really did teach us how to take junk and make it into upcycled treasures.  We learned little secret techniques and even folded paper bags into itsy bitsy scrapbooks.  Marisa was a wonderful teacher who spent a lot of time checking on every student and making sure that we were getting it right.  She was very supportive of each of our styles and completely inspired us to be fearlessly creative.  I was in awe of her GORGEOUS creations!

I was thrilled to see Erika and Monika Simmons, the Double Stitch Twins, in their class sponsored by Red Heart.  In fact, it is through their newsletter that I learned about the Supershow in the first place.  They were brave enough to teach a crochet class with no experience necessary!  They patiently taught everyone how to attach the yarn to our remix T-Shirts and form the stitches needed to make fun and funky creations.  Every time I see them in Crochet Today magazine or doing their thing for Red Heart, it makes me happy to say I've met them and they are as nice and down to earth as can be!

CHA is a time to throw caution to the wind and to try new things, so when I was on my way to the Westcott booth to make some rad scissor holsters (designed by Marisa Pawelko), I was all too enthused to participate in the live game show: America's Next Top Crafter.  It is hard for me to explain how completely cool and awesome the experience was, but suffice it to say, meeting the celebrity panel of judges would have been prize enough.  The show was hosted by none other than the Modern Surrealist herself, Marisa Pawelko!  The judges were Sarah Moore of Craft Critique, Stephanie Girard, who wrote Sweater Surgery, and Erika and Monika Simmons, who wrote Double Stitch: Designs for the Crochet Fashionista.  No pressure.  Nope.

We were given ten minutes to decorate a scissor holster with a bunch of pretty fabric, ribbons, puff paint, and gemstones.  My weapon of choice:  the hot glue gun.  When they said go, I was moving fast and my hands were shaking.  There's nothing like speed-crafting to get your adrenaline going.  The minutes flew by and we were each asked to present our creations.  After seeing my competition, I knew I had lost, but it's not about whether you win or lose, right?  It's how you play the game.  The thing was... I didn't lose.  I actually won!  I couldn't believe it.  And the judges were so sweet in how they described my work.  I was on cloud nine!

So what did I win?  Well, I was lucky enough to win the entire line of Westcott cutting tools!  Can you believe it?  I love the tools because the titanium scissors are much stronger than stainless steel or other metals used in scissors, so they stay sharper longer.  I've definitely seen that so far.  I've been using them every day at school for various things and they cut like a charm, even through sticky stuff.

Now I'm set for quite a while in the scissors department, but you are reading the blog of someone who was once stopped by TSA for having 9 pairs of scissors in her bag. (I was very distracted! With good reason!) So as you can see, I need scissors, and I really do use them!  :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

CHA Chicago 2010: LIMIRI's Quick Snippers

Remember what your math teacher told you when you were approaching a problem?  
Step one: simplify. 

So after I got home from CHA where I met the wonderful women of LIMIRI, LLC and became acquainted with their clever product, I simplified.  I sold about 20 pairs of patterned scissors at a garage sale.  


Because I can do my patterned edges with one sleek little cutting tool, the LIMIRI Quick Snippers.  To see the patterned edges included in the tool, check out

Let's admit it, we as crafters can acquire lots of stuff!  Over time this stuff accumulates and we get overwhelmed.  That's why I've been looking to pare down in different ways, including finding small tools that can do many different things. 

Miriam & Lisa of LIMIRI, LLC

When I met Lisa and Miriam at CHA, I instantly got along with them.  They are two best friends who had a great idea and had the courage to make it a reality and bring it out into the world.

You should really check this tool out!  I'll be reviewing it here on the blog as soon as my Quick Snippers arrive!  

Thursday, August 19, 2010

CHA Chicago 2010: The Crochet Dude and Needle Felting

Have you ever had a brush with fame?

I was really looking forward to seeing celebrity Drew "The Crochet Dude" Emborsky at CHA Chicago 2010.  I found out that he was going to be teaching a crochet class at the Discover Yarn booth!  The Craft Yarn Council of America sponsored the booth and it had lots of really cool crafts.  

Before I attended the event, I made a very detailed schedule (down to the quarter-hour), including waiting in line times to meet all of the craft celebs.  However, as it turned out, CHA was even better than I thought it would be because everyone, no matter how famous, was really accessible and I got to talk with everyone!  I wished I could have had another entire day to enjoy the event.

I took many pictures, but some of them have digitally vanished, including the one of me and The Crochet Dude!  :(

Oh well.  No matter what, I will still have the fond memories of learning how to make a cute necklace and chatting with Drew at the Discover Yarn booth.  

Drew was a patient, kind, and skilled teacher.  He was also incredibly funny with his dry wit.  Mom and I had a great time crocheting and chatting with him.  He even signed my copy of Crochet Today September/October 2010, because he has an article in it on post stitches!  I have noticed that Drew loves to use this technique in his patterns, making them rich, interesting, and textured.  He has probably written a billion patterns, but some of the most exciting right now are in his new book, Crochet It. Love It. Wear it!  

While Mom and I were chatting with Drew, we found out that he is the new crochet expert on Knit & Crochet Now, which is a television program that airs on PBS.  If you can't catch it in your area, you can watch episodes online.  In addition, Drew's coming out with a line of Crochet Dude Products by Simplicity!  When does he find time to sleep?  

There is much more to tell, but you can stay up to date with Drew on his website,

One cool new craft I tried is needle felting.  The technique we learned involved binding high-wool-content roving to an acrylic felt base.  I had seen video podcasts by Michelle of CraftedBy.Us about needle felting, but I had never before tried it.  It was fuuun! 

The needle felting project that we did involved binding Bernat roving, which is 75% wool to acrylic felt.  In order to accomplish this, we used a needle felting tool by Clover.  We placed the felt on the needle felting mat, arranged the roving on top of the felt, and pounced the tool (which contains five very sharp, barbed needles) across the roving.  Mom and I both ordered needle felting tools and mats from Amazon.  We really liked this craft.  You can see pictures of my needle felted projects in the slide show above. 

Would you like to see a needle felting tutorial?  I might just make one.  Let me know if you're interested by commenting.  It would motivate me to do it sooner than later.  :)

Photo of crocheted necklace by Westcott Brand

Friday, August 6, 2010

CHA Chicago 2010: Waking Up in the Land of Glitter & Giveaway!

During the month of August and beyond I will be covering the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Supershow Consumer Event that took place in Rosemont, IL on July 30 and 31.  I attended with my trusty sidekick, Mom, and we basked in all the crafty wonder.  We had such a fabulous time and we learned a lot!  I really did feel like I was in sort of a crafty wonderland.  It was AWESOME!
This is a sample flower Kathy brought.  She said that her craft group in Phoenix met to make samples.
Our first major event could not have been better.  We crafted beautiful paper bag flowers with The Crafty Chica!  The concept is really simple but the end result is beautiful when you use her products.  I am waiting impatiently for them to become available in Chicago, but in the meantime it's only.  

Kathy's mini-zine, products, and Aleene's Paper Glaze.

Kathy gave us each a cute little mini-zine, which she also posted a tutorial for on her blog.  She's a complete dynamo.  I don't know how, but somehow she gets it all done. 

Are you getting inspired? These are more samples from the Crafty Chica!
We decorated and layered circles of paper and embellished them with glitter to make our masterpieces.  I had to carry my pretty flower around the fair afterward because it was still drying and at least a dozen people complimented me and asked me where I had made it. 

Here's my masterpiece!
The Crafty Chica glitter really is quite brilliant.  I know that she custom-mixed the glitters and I was psyched to see them in person.

Kathy signed a free copy of Waking Up in the Land of Glitter for each participant.
I started reading the book before the fair and it was so cool to meet the actual author.  Now I have a signed first edition!  I am loving the story.  It's super-juicy and all the little craft references are AWESOME!  Kathy's style is rich and bubbly.  I love her inventive similes and pop culture infusions.  The plot is quite engrossing from the very first chapter, and only gets better and better.  In fact, right after I post this blog I'm going to read a couple more chapters. 

At the end of the workshop, Kathy posed with me and her book.  I'm holding a Crafty Chica flocked iron-on shirt that I made.  I've since embellished it further.  So.Fun.

It was an amazing way to kick off a fun-filled two days.  I have lots more to tell, so stay with me for some really cool posts.


Aren't you, like, totally ready to read this awesome book now?  If so, simply post a little comment below.  If you're really seriously interested, pop me an email with shipping information to artlikebread(at)gmail(dot)com to expedite the shipping process. I'll pick one comment at random from the participants.  I will happily ship the winner a copy of Waking Up in the Land of Glitter.  You'll be receiving my original book, which is an advance reader's copy I bought from  It's not in perfect condition, but it's fine.  I'm keeping the signed copy!!!

I'll be taking entries until 9 am on Wednesday, August 11, 2010.  Please check the blog later on Wednesday for instructions on how to claim your prize.  If I don't receive a proper mailing address by midnight on Thursday, August 12, 2010, I reserve the right to pick a new winner.  Sorry for the uptightness.  I'm on a tight shipping schedule!

Thanks and good luck!  :) 

Monday, August 2, 2010


Welcome, new visitors from Craft Critique & all around the web!  I am thrilled to have you here.  I had a great time at CHA and will be blogging about that for the month of August.  I hope you like the blog and will continue to visit!

Bookmark me? ;)  
These are bookmarks I made for my students as end of the year gifts.

In the meantime, you might want to check out my coverage of FUSION Craft Bazaar in Mexico City.  It's the hippest show in the city.

The world is beautiful and Art, Like Bread, is for everyone.  -Cami

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big News, Busy Times

This is a fun and inspirational time in my life.  I have to admit, I'm a little overwhelmed.  I have a lot of blog posts to catch up on and I am really excited to share everything with all of you.  I had to interrupt my regularly-scheduled posting with an update on all that is rocking my world right now.

Ok, I'll just say it.  I MET THE CRAFTY CHICA TODAY!

See?  That's her.  With me!  :D

I can't believe that after all these years I am finally able to attend a CHA show and meet my crafty idol in person.  I will blog in detail about the awesome CHA experience, but I wanted to share my BIG NEWS!

The other BIG NEWS is that I was on the Caron Blog!  

I know!  I can't believe it either!
Vickie Howell was so kind and featured my finished object (FO) pictures of the Urban Jungle Beanie!  The Crochet Along is still going on, so be sure to click over to Ravelry in order to join us.

These are the Caron publications that talk about the Crochet Along (and others) and the Urban Jungle Roundup.  This has been really exciting and I encourage everyone to make a beanie!  They're really cool.

I still have tons more to share.  These past few weeks have been packed with fun and inspiration.  I will be sharing it with you, I promise!  Much love and stay tuned for some great stuff.

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